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The National Trade Portal accelerates the growth of exports, attracts foreign investors and stimulates the local economy as a central hub for all things Trade.

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NEC Decisions No.99/2017, No.82/2019 and No.110/2020 directed for the establishment of the National Trade Office to coordinate the implementation of the National Trade Policy including a central trade policy coordination mechanism to guide PNG to maximize its potentials in trade towards achievement of the Government’s ongoing socio-economic development goals and objectives. Based on the above NEC Decisions and in accordance with the Public Service Management Act 2005, the Department of Personnel Management established the National Trade Office.

Overview of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a diverse and vibrant country with a rich cultural heritage and abundant natural resources. It has a strong and growing economy, with a rich mix of agricultural, mining, and energy sectors. PNG is also home to a thriving tourism industry, with a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.


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Hon. Richard Maru
Minister for Trade

Message from the Trade Minister, Hon. Richard Maru.

The key objective of the Policy is to promote sustainable economic growth of our country through encouraging investment in the renewable sector, encourage downstream processing, import substitution, and export diversification development.

I am extremely excited about the National Trade Portal and its potential to foster trade in Papua New Guinea. The portal will provide a central platform for businesses to connect and access information on trade opportunities, regulations, and market intelligence. This will greatly simplify and streamline the process of doing business in the country, making it easier for companies to navigate the complex trade landscape and identify new opportunities.

Minister's Priorities

The National Trade Portal is a One-Stop-Shop for all things TRADE.


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Setting up in your business in PNG is as easy as 1, 2 & 3

Make Trade work for you. Setup a business in Papua New Guinea and take full advantage of the potential that Papua New Guinea has on offer!
1. Research Market & Regulations
It's important to have a good understanding of the market and the laws and regulations that govern doing business in Papua New Guinea.
2. Registering Business
Once you have a clear understanding of the market and regulations, you will need to register your business with the Investment Promotion Authority.
3. Obtain Required Licenses & Permits
Depending on the business type, you want to start, you may need to obtain licenses and permits from the required agencies in order to legally operate your business.
What is the National Trade Portal ?
The primary purpose of this Portal is to promote transparency and ease of access to relevant information and increase compliance to the trade and customs laws, regulations and procedures of PNG by informing and sharing regulatory and policy procedural information as well as providing easy access to trade support institutions and organizations.
How is the Portal setup?
The National Trade Portal will be a website where one can obtain relevant information on regulatory requirements needed to undertake international trade for a particular country. The portal is setup in a user-friendly manner allowing users to be able to navigate seamlessly within the platform in accessing relevant trade information.
How can the National Trade Portal Benefit you?
The key beneficiaries of this activity will be the National Trade Office, Trade Facilitating agencies (Customs, NAQIA, NISIT) and other governmental departments, agencies, commodity boards, private sector stakeholders, business trading community, foreign investors and general public seeking trade related information for business and research purposes.
What you need to start your journey?
The National Trade Portal is designed for all. It utilizes a user-friendly interface and carefully designed navigation tab that allows users to access the information they require in a quick and easy to understand manner. The platform is an ideal starting point for the novice or trade professional for all things Trade in Papua New Guinea.

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